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Poster Show, 22-27 November Opening: November 22, 6:30 PM

They talk about "Sex Symbol(ism)" via the poster medium. A loose interpretation of a fictional or real archetype.

Image, symbol, or personality reveals the point of view of contemporary young artists and graphic designers regarding this century-old label.

“…and we talk” is a series of design events organized by Vassil Iliev. The first event of the series is the poster show SEX SYMBOL(ISM) in collaboration with KO-OP art space.

Curators: Vassil Iliev and Vasil Vladimirov

Yana Abrasheva Andon Bakarov Zahari Dimitrov Teodor Genov Aleksandra Georgieva Denislav Golemanov Hasan Halilov Ilian Iliev Valentin Ivanov Billy Mateeva Martina Vacheva

With the support of the National Culture Fund.

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