Art is not a Puzzle @ Sofia Game Night


Through art, intertwined in game, people can communicate fully and freely without the barriers of language. KO-OP brings together young local artists and refugees in Bulgaria who will work as a team, across ethnic boundaries and standards of communication, and will use the language of art to express themselves. Together, they will create unique paintings that will turn into a puzzle.

"Let's fit together" is the topic they will work on, and the puzzle is a reference to the idea that fleeing from war and repression, refugees need to re-arrange their lives as a puzzle.

On November 2nd at Sofia Game Night 2019, all KO-OP visitors will have the opportunity, through art and play, to arrange pictures of puzzle pieces and take the puzzles home. That's how art and play will go together, beyond the space and time of the exhibition.

There will be puzzles in two sizes, suitable for both the youngest and eldest visitors.

The event is part of Sofia Game Night 2019 and is supported by the Goethe-Institute Bulgaria, the French Institute in Bulgaria and the Franco-German Cultural Fund.