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The photobook as a field for artistic research

The workshop is a kind of impulse-process and exploration through the visual language of photography and the photobook as a space. Everyone will be able to focus on an idea related to Banski Square - the square around Central Halls - Banya Bashi Mosque - Central Bath (Museum of Sofia), which they will be able to propose and develop into a book body. Photography will be present through its different states - and will be seen not just as documentation, but as a way to build conversation and history. In the same way, the book body will be present as a form that will be the basis in which the photographic experiments and idea will be embedded and together will build a series of stories about an interesting part of Sofia's urban landscape.

The group will also be introduced to Japanese Binding or Japanese Stab Binding, a short history and form of stitching that will be used as the main stitch in the workshop.

7 meetings in total:

15.04 / 1 Introduction

16.04. / 2 Meeting walk in the area of Banski Square

17.04 / 3 Meeting for direction around the idea

29.04 / 4 Developing the idea

05.05 / 5 Developing the idea

15.05 / 6 Technical and finishing meeting about the books

16.05 / 7 Reflection

The workshop is a collaboration between KO-OP and One Bookstore.

The first joint meetings will take place at One Bookstore and the rest at KO-OP.

The workshop is free to attend and is for the purpose of generating process and exploration.

Basic materials will be provided, but each participant is free to contribute materials in developing the process.

Maximum: 9 participants

About Martin Atanassov:

Martin Atanassov is a visual artist based in Sofia. In 2014 he graduated from FAMU - Prague, majoring in Photography. He works mainly in the field of photobooks. In recent years he has been developing and participating in projects related to visual anthology, photography and books, such as Nature Index, Nutrcula/Impossible Actions and How to Forget Your Past.

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