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17 - 30 October 2019 - Viktoriya Staykova solo exhibition

A portal opens. A land, a planet, a scape, a building, a statue, a vision.

Timeless, vast, stripped of detail, somehow distorted and close to abstraction – a play is established between real and other. Landscapes evoke alienation and a certain sense of remoteness. Long vistas blurring with the horizon, structures and objects reminiscent of reality, but remaining unfamiliar.

Estranging the real, transforming it into the other. Is this other the unfamiliar, or is it a path to understanding our own concept of reality, a way to our inner psyche? In order to reach the other, the non-real, part of the everyday needs to be erased and distorted. The fictional always based lays in the everyday, in the solid existence.

A land, a planet, a scape, a building, a statue, a vision – the same but other.

An official launch of the science fiction graphic novel Licitus. The edition is the result of intensive research into the traditions of science fiction illustration and film undertaken by author Viktoriya Staykova. It explores the ideas of the inner and the outer through the mediums of illustration and writing.

Licitus was honored with Best Graphic Literature Award from Atlantic Press (2017) and was granted with the Gaudenz Ruf (2019).

Viktoriya Staykova graduated from BA Book and Printed Graphics at the Academy of Arts, Sofia. In 2017 she completed her MA in Illustration: Authorial practice at Falmouth University, UK. Viktoriya is co-founder of TI-RE, a platform for independent artist books based in Sofia. VHer main interests lie in the field of book making and design, where most of her current work is focused. Contextualisation of illustration and creating a theoretical discourse for this field is a major part of her research and artistic practice.


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