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group show

14.09.2023 - 08.10.2023

The dream home presents the coexistence of art and design under one roof by questioning the conventional. A process that leads to a space where the boundaries between art and design intertwine to create a world of unusual, even absurd combinations and expressive possibilities.

The exhibition explores the multi-layered relationship between art and design, showcasing playful, extravagant, curious and poetic objects: chairs, tables and washstands, candles, lamps, mirrors, plates, fashion, jewellery and other objects - each with its own story shaping the original space of the dream home. The dream home is furnished with objects created by artists and designers that give rise to affectations, confusions and illusions. Objects that are the product of free experimentation with form and material.

The result of the experimental interaction between design and art is the selection of nearly 40 works included in the exhibition "Dream Home", organized by Art Affairs & Documents Foundation in collaboration with Studio Komplekt.

With: Alexander Lazarkov, Alina Papazova, Aaron Roth, Boris Delchev, Vikenti Komitski, Valko Chobanov, Denitsa Boyadjieva, Desislava Terzieva, Dimitar Shopov, Eje Dervish, Zara Alexandrova, Ivan Mudov, Krasen Troanski, Krasimir Terziev, Lazar Lyutakov, Lachezar Boyadjiev, Lyuba Asadurova / Nomad. ist, Marina Dragomirova / Studio Furthermore, Maria Nalbantova, Martian Tabakov, Martin Penev, Misirkov/Bogdanov, Neva Balnikova, Nevena Ekimova, Pravdolyub Ivanov, Rada Bukova, Rada Dicheva / tochka & tochka, Raya Stefanova, Rosie Eisor x Stefan Ivanov, Silvia Chaneva, Sofia Dimova, Theodor Genov, Tsvetomira Borisova, Yana Yunakova, PUNCT Workshop, LoftArt, Odd Matter, Pottery & Poetry, & HUE and Subcultura.

Curators: Vera Mlechevska, Boyana Gyaurova and Adriana Andreeva

Stage designer Eva Ventova

Graphic design: Zahari Dimitrov

The exhibition opens on Thursday, September 14, 7:00 p.m. at KO-OP Gallery (17 Janko Sakuzov Blvd.) and will be on view until October 8, 2023.

Photos: Mihail Novakov

С подкрепата на Национален фонд „Култура"


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