Closing event of the collaborative exhibition "IT'S NOT FUNNY" by Miroslav Zhivkov @dzhingibi and Alexandra Georgieva @Sa6ettu.

On October 17, from 16:00 to 21:00, all the visitors had the opportunity to attend a "live painting" sessions between the two artists. The creative process, which had been repeated many times in recent months and brought out with a final result in a whole book and exhibition, against the background of pleasant music and all kinds of drinks (alcoholic or not), was transferred for the last time on site in the gallery of KO-OP.

The session was focused mainly on drawing, experimentation with different shapes and compositions, and anyone who wished was able to join the interactive process. In the meantime, all unframed original drawings from the exhibition were able to be taken directly and purchased from the wall, and others were painted in their place, thus creating an entirely new work.