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Tirazh - collection for independent artistic book editions

09.06 – 29.06.2022 Opening: 09 June, 18:30 – 21:00

Tirazh* [ˈtriːɑːʒ] (from Bulgarian: edition) is an online collection for independent artistic book editions from the art scene in Bulgaria and Sofia. In addition to the digital platform, "Tirazh" also exists in the physical space in the form of exhibitions and pop-up libraries.

Tirazh starts with an exhibition of an initial selection of nearly 45 editions - zines, art books and photo books, comics and other experiments with the book form. All of them are in very limited remaining editions or sold out. The initiative behind these printed works has a direct connection with the artist’s commitment in the process of their creation. Starting from idea and concept, up to the moment of printing or choice of printing facilities, they are in the hands of the artists.

The book form until recently was used primarily by artists with a special attitude to the book. But in recent years this media is gaining more and more recognition and is much more recognized as media. Tirazh aims to map, collect and exhibit these publications, reflecting the processes in the local art scene. The exhibition will present a snapshot of the current moment of the independent artistic book scene in Bulgaria. Books, which have been shown over the years in different conditions, will be collected in one place for the first time. The exhibition, as well as the Tirazh’s future digital platform, set up a context, in order to make sense of the processes in this creative field and to stimulate its development.

The results of the workshop "Book Impulses", led by Martin Atanasov, will be shown during the exhibition. The workshop is a kind of an impulse process and study through the visual language of photography and the photo book as a space. Each participant focuses on an idea related to Banski Square - the square around the Central Halls, Bashi Bashi Mosque and Central Mineral Bath.

In this pop-up event, the authors will share their book impulses and will unfold the process around the collective and individual rethinking of space.


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