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House Rules

First and foremost, KO-OP is not a place for abuse, violence, discrimination, disrespect, and harassment. 

KO-OP is a place for work but as importantly it is a place for sharing of ideas, and experiences. It’s also a place for creation and inspiration. It’s up to all of us to make and maintain it that way. We would really appreciate your support and feedback.



Shared space/quiet area:

The cooperative is all about sharing. Share the responsibilities to maintain the space clean and tidy and keep an open mind and heart to share skills, ideas and time. Great ideas need silence and headspace. Please be considerate and keep all sounds to a minimal level. 


We are flexible with the positioning of chairs and desks, but please first consult with us.




Remember that this is a shared kitchen, please clean after yourself.

If you are not planning to share your leftovers or keep them to yourself, please bin them.

The fridge will be cleared of food every Friday.


To truly become a part of this KO-OP join the rest of us on the private Facebook group. Ask one of the community managers to be added. This way you can take full advantage of the benefits we have to offer. Including general notifications, events, and all sorts of initiatives and community dealings. 

If you have anything to say to us, feel free to have your say on the online platforms, write anything on the notification wall in the corridor, or you can come and talk to us in person anytime. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.


Conference room

The conference room can be booked by members as available and during the hours your membership plan gives you access. Additional hours that are not included in your membership can be reserved for 30 lv. per hour. Bookings are limited to a minimum of thirty minutes and a maximum of three hours per booking. Meeting with guests in the conference room must be booked. The equipment in the conference room is free to use but treat it as yours because it is. Always keep the conference room clean and tidy so it is in good condition to be used by others right after you.



Guests are always welcome but if they stay more than a one-hour short meeting, they will be kindly asked to purchase a day’s pass. Of course, you can book the conference room for longer meetings. This is done to ensure that all members enjoy good working conditions.



We encourage paper-free work but the printer, copier and scanner are available to use in accordance with your membership plan. The scanner is free. Printer and copier are charged at 0.10 lv. b/w and 0.25 lv. colour per page for every page after your credit limit.


Open Space and Event Space​

Be aware that external events might take place in the gallery so noise levels may vary. Also, if it’s not an event open to the public, please get in touch with the Community Manager if you would like to ask for permission to attend or take part.


Visits & Tours​

We are always on the lookout to fill the space with amazing coworkers, so from time to time, we will host visits and tours. Just keep on doing what you are doing and be yourself, I am sure they will love us.

Events space usage and events organisation​

New ideas for community events are always appreciated and if you would like to take away from us the burden of organisation, even better. You can use the event space for free for such events after the community has approved and you have consulted us for the availability of the space. You will be responsible for handling the logistics around the organisation of the event. Please reset the room after the end of the event. If you would like to make a company event, a presentation, conference, exhibition get in touch with us and we will give you a special discounted rate.


After Hours

The shared space will operate 24/7. If you happen to stay past the working hours of the staff, please check if there are any working lights, open windows, and make sure you leave the place locked.


Shared equipment

We have sourced a lot of materials that we thought might be useful to go about your working day. Please don’t destroy or squat the shared equipment for too long because it’s for everyone’s use. Of course, shit happens and things come to an end or get broken. When this happens, please signal to the Community Manager immediately so they can take action.



We believe that we provide a working space for people who make our world a better place. In fact, one of our missions is exactly that. Please help us fulfil it by selecting your trash.



Do your morning run and still be able to get back to work. After you take a shower, don’t leave any belongings behind and if there is a problem with the sewage or anything else that may impede the future use of the shower, please signal the Community Manager. Please use the shower accordingly.



The lockers are paid at a rate depending on your membership plan. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items in the space or in the lockers so take good care of your belongings.



Daily cleaning. If you want your workspace to be cleaned, please tidy up your desk because the cleaner will not move any of your things.



Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the space. Smokers are invited to have a smoke on the patio.

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