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FIG. 2

Festival for illustration & graphics

12.04 - 31.05.2022


Sometimes seemingly unreal problems become reality. That's why the second edition of the FIG.2 illustration and graphics festival is dedicated to pataphysics, a parody pseudo-science created by French writer Alfred Jarry that explores fictional phenomena and unreal happenings beyond the boundaries of metaphysics. And since the absurd and the imaginary are often a primary source of inspiration for artists, this year's FIG. challenges the limits of our imagination and emphasizes these very elements.

We are in for a month of abstract events, exhibitions, workshops, talks and other happenings. Some with a purpose, others without. FIG. 2's program includes a group exhibition at KO-OP, a solo show by Nevena Ekimova at INTRO Gallery, workshops with Alina Papazova, Luben Domozetsky, Zoran Mishe, Teodor Genov, Miroslav Zhivkov- Dzhingibi, a print bazaar, live tattoos, screenings and much, much more.

Details of all the upcoming events in the festival programme can be found on the festival website, or if you can't make it, you can make it up as you go along.

Full programme:

FIG. 2 - пълна програма
Download PDF • 206KB

FIG. 2 is organised with the support of the National Culture Fund.


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