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Illustration Pop-Up Vol. 3 Online Exclusive

05 - 12 May 2020 - group exhibition

In 2019 we launched the Illustration Pop-Up series featuring some of the most distinguished young local illustrators. We have brought together a variety of their works and all of you, art lovers, under one roof. We were hiding from reality, surrounded by colors, shapes, and textures.

Times had changed, but this would not stop us from moving forward.

For the third, special edition of Illustration Pop-Up, we were collaborating with our favorite online platform for Bulgarian design - Be Duende, whose mission (like ours) was to support independent local artists.

This larger and different manifestation of Illustration pop-up would include all the great illustrators we'd encountered in both of our past events:

Aleksandra Georgieva (Sa6ettu) & Oscar Mitchell

Alexandra Nikolova (Ål Nik)

Alina Papazova

Andrea Popyordanova

Billy Mateeva

Blood Becomes Water

Daniela Yankova (Shadowschaser)

Denitsa Boyadjieva

Dessy Baeva

Drago PXRN

Iva Dimitrova

Jojo Georgiev

Miroslav Zhivkov (Dzhingibi)


Rozalina Burkova

Teodor Genov (Pastedko)

Victoria Nikolova (Pllik)

We believed in the need of art and in the need for Bulgarian independent creators to be supported. We hoped that in these special times, we gave you the opportunity to support an artist you followed, to find out about a new one, or to expand your art collection at home.


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