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06 - 16 January 2021 - Nikola Stoyanov photography and zine showing

The drive to capture the city as an affective totality was what led to the inception of this project. Thought, structured and implemented over the urban grid it draws a hyper-fiction attainable only in rare cases of disciplined delirium.

Ruptures can be found in the processes of construction and decay of the the urban surface forming, a peculiar language through which modalities of appearance unfold. Easy to find but hard to attain the signs, grids, trash bins and overhead wires serve as an entrance to a forgotten archive of the urban flesh. The quotidian presence of these objects is thus fragmentary in accord with their functional use.

The procedure at hand follows the opposite direction where posed out of its given context the object loses its practicality and being shown “nude” serves as a terminal for a parallel world of industrial teleology and material corporality. “In process” is a theory-fiction based on the near-reality of everyday life, a meditation at degradation and emergence but mainly a method of reversing infrastructural sublimation.

Curator: Hristo Kaloyanov

The project is realized with the support of the National Culture Fund.


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