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08 - 18 October 2020 - Zine release exhibition by Aleksandra Georgieva and Miroslav Zhivkov

The exhibition represents the outcome of the very unexpected collaboration between the two artists and their styles of drawing afterwards.

The process follows the simple attempt for merging both approaches and techniques into one artistic expression. Two styles of drawing, which at first appear very different, are uniting and transforming into one, for the similar way of expression and visual aesthetic influence. It shows the experiment of raw free drawing, mixing different medias, playing with shapes, lines and complex compositions.

The main focus of the exhibition is on the very precisely made risograph and screen-printed independent publication/zine. The book contains over 60 riso printed pages of illustrations with a two-color screen-printed cover and a two-color screen-printed print A3 size, in a very limited edition of only 40 pieces. All made by hand at NoPoint Atelier.

NoPoint Atelier is a shared silkscreen and risograph printing studio in the heart of Bulgaria. The studio is situated in a small village in the mountains above the city of Gabrovo and its main purpose is to provide artists with a dedicated space for work, creation and experimentation.


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