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It's Okay

07 - 16 October 2019 - Miroslav Zhivkov - Dzhingibi solo exhibition

Experimental, abstract shapes, vibrant, neon colors enveloped the KO-OP space as part of Miroslav Zhivkov's exhibition. With the title “It’s OK”, it was a kind of experiment - a game without conventions and predefined parameters. Visitors had the opportunity to experience unique mono works without reproduction, which made each piece unique.

The working process for Dzhingibi is a game in which he was absolutely free and only had the responsibility to stop at the right moment. A moment that sometimes only takes one hit before ending the game with a flat surface. In other cases, it entraps and absorbs in its ever-different, colorful mazes and does not release until enough time, layers, and dozens of sieves are shared, before making sure she has nothing more to add and say with relief: "It's OK ".

The work of the author on every single piece of work that made up “It’s OK" taught him to experiment without fear, knowing that even then everything would be all right. Miroslav ignored the anatomy of the game and chose not to work in circulation, but to create mono works without the possibility of reproduction. The experiment was at the heart of the creative process - from exploring the possibilities of the technique to fully merging with the process itself.


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