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16 June - 05 July 2020 - Zoran Mishe solo exhibition

Lost is Zoran Mishe's third solo exhibition. He is known to the public as one of the contemporary artists using various printmaking techniques in his art. Mishe's exhibitions often include other media such as installation and photography. Beyond the literal representation of objects from everyday life, Mishe's artworks are personal stories related to his experiences and past memories.

In Lost, the exploration of his memories and the process of memorisation, in general, is even more direct. It can be said that the use of graphic art as a medium is suitable for this purpose, as the process of printing itself, performs the function of recording something, similarly to the way our brain records a memory. Mishe returns to his childhood, back to the memory of his family’s first car. Although he remembers both the brand and the model, all other details are lost. This makes him think about other lost memories and wonder if these things actually happened at all.

The car becomes a symbol of the lost memory, and from this comes a visual representation in the form of an installation of a car junkyard, a place where lost memories go to be completely erased or recycled and turned into something completely different. The personal experiences and memories of Mishe draw our attention to more general issues related to the dichotomy objectivity-subjectivity and the nature of what is considered real and what is not.

Zoran Mishe (b. 1984 in Ohrid, lives and works in Sofia) is an artist most often associated with graphic art. He graduated with a bachelor's and master's degree in graphics from the National Academy of Arts in Bulgaria. He is the founder and member of Print Nest studio. He has three solo exhibitions and many group ones in Bulgaria and abroad (Austria, Romania, Switzerland, Italy, China, Spain, Macedonia, Serbia, USA, Czech Republic, and Japan). His art has received international recognition and has been awarded prizes at exhibitions and biennials in Spain, Italy, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Mishe was on the jury of the VIII International Triennial of Graphics in Sofia. He is currently a teacher at the College of Arts in Sofia.


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