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My Head Is a Photodump

Group exhibition “My Head Is a Photo Dump” Part of FIG. 2

12-20 April 2022 Opening: 12 april, 18:30

Traditionally, FIG. will open with the presentation of a group exhibition of a number of artists who are an active part of the contemporary Bulgarian scene.

And, if until very recently we thought that the last few years had nothing to surprise and impress us, now boredom has begun to seem like a dreamy and unattainable oasis.

The inaugural group exhibition "My Head Is a Photodump" will transform the KO-OP space into an impromptu "photodump" with works generated or inspired by shared images from a common "chatroom" that has become a temporary shared studio for the artists. For one month, participants shared visual materials of what surrounded, impressed and engaged them. As such, with this chat "room" we aimed to recreate to some extent and in a contemporary, digital way the feeling of shared authorship and collective thought. The result got us thinking about what authorship is, what its limits are, and if and when it can become shared. The experimental format will present the work as an intuitive and open analysis of the intersections of a group of people at a particular moment, looking at how information travels through the different media that surround us and is refracted through our experiences and interpretations.


Aaron Roth Aleksandra Georgieva – Sa6ettu Alina Papazova Billy Mateeva BLOOD BECOMES WATER Valko Chobanov Georgi Vasilev Denislav Golemanov Dessy Baeva Zhana Mitkova Martina Vacheva Mitch Brezounek Miroslav Zhivkov – Dzhingibi Rozalina Burkova Teodor Genov Tsvetomira Borisova Yana Abrasheva Yasen Zgurovski

FIG.2 full programme:

The project is implemented with the support of the National Culture Fund.


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