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Palermo. Box. Me

09-06.2020 - Phelia Barouh solo exhibition & book release

What connects boxing and photography? People and their stories of victories and losses, low blows, terrible fails, and knockdowns that you never imagined you would recover from. But you do. And it's usually with the help of sports and/or art, through which you channel your own story so that you can bare it more easily.

Phelia Barouh tells her story in aesthetic shots that speak beautifully and boldly about the path, the meeting, the parting, all in an unknown city in an old island, which lower her guard when she had raised it the highest she ever has.

You can also recognise yourself in Phelia's story. Discover this during the solo photography exhibition Palermo. Box. Me., which in addition to a series of photographs also includes a presentation of a photobook.

About Phelia Barouh:

Phelia was born in Sofia, lived in Belgium, Mexico and Spain. She studied architecture and photography in Madrid. Since 2014 Phelia Barouh is the Co-Founder and Curator of the photography festival FotoFabrika in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Palermo. Box. Me. exhibition and photobook are results of an art residency in Palermo, Sicily, in 2018 and 2019.


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