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12 November - 13 December 2020 - Evgeny Batoev solo exhibition

KO-OP is excited to invite you to Reap What You Sow, Evgeny Batoev’s third solo exhibition.

Oil paintings depicting the unravelling of jungles, cities, machines and organisms. It is not certain when, although there is a date of departure, 2019. Where one terrain ends, a new frontier begins. In "five easy pieces" a positive form of communication ensues.

It can be as you will it. The selection rolls on in the spirit of resourcefulness and energy, at the start of unbounded innocence as a powerful enterprise.

Batoev studied Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art. His artworks have been part in numerous group exhibitions in galleries such as Structura Gallery, Æther Art Space and Æther Hague, ICA Sofia and Credo Bonum.

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