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The Gardens

31 October - 06 November 2020 - Darina Yaneva solo exhibition

Pictures from America and China in “KO-OP” Gallery

It is no coincidence to think of the world you touched, whether it was your native or the one who roamed in different continents through the gardens you have seen in it. I have been watching Darina Yaneva's exhibitions for years, and it was no surprise to me that in this another exposition of hers, related to her travels in America and China, again dominated the gardens. In some of them she flies over the green crowns of the trees, in others she stops at the Garden of Silence and Kindness in the Forbidden City of Beijing. And this time, her paintings were drawn in one of her favorite pastels. Technique with which she has won over the years not only a prestigious place in Bulgaria, but also on the world art scene.

Each of us carries his own idea of the Garden. In some of us it is associated with the Garden of Paradise, with the Divine Eden, strewn with flowers, birds and animals, in others it is perceived as a hiding place for our most intimate experiences, in the third it is part of home paradise. It seems to me that Darina Yaneva combines all the three meanings.

"Expelled" from Paradise and constantly "returning" to it, this is Darina Yaneva's exhibition. Whether these are the gardens of Balchik and Samothrace, Paris and Giverny, in this case America or China, she paints these places stubbornly and consistently through the gardens in them. This is her creative conception of the myth of the Garden of Eden through her exquisite visual pieces shown in the KO-OP Gallery. In them, man rarely appears, lost in the midst of lofty trees, hills, water expanse, devoted to contemplative worship of the majesty and harmony of nature. Her paintings include part of the pantheism, the world before the advent of such an useful computer, before our worship of the "electronic Gods." And, continuing in this direction, I think if Darina Yaneva reminds us with her gardens how terribly lonely our life would be if there was no illusion - the Garden of Eden, the one who makes sense of our life after Death?! ...

Aksinia Dzhurova


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