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Tirazh: book conversations & website launch

18.09 | 15:00 – 18:00

The second event of the year of the platform Tirazh – a collaborative project between KO-OP and TI-RE - will shed light on the independent art publishing scene through a series of conversations with artists, publishers, and collectors. The event is part of the platform's ongoing programme and efforts to promote, contextualise and develop independent publishing as a form of contemporary artistic practice.

The event will include two talks with artists Sophia Grancharova and Martin Atanasov, in which they will present their artistic practice and how the book as a form and format is situated in it.

Ina Hristova from Bubuleche Publishing House will speak first-hand about her experience with publishing as well as illustrating picture books.

Rosie Eisor of the Blood Becomes Water collective will present some of her collection of art books and zines, through which she will also raise the topic of book collecting in general. In an informal setting, she will talk about the various items that will also be available to view.

The event will also be an occasion to celebrate the launch of the Tirazh Collection website in an informal setting after the talks.

TIRAZH is a collaborative project between КО-ОП and TI–RE and is realised with the support of the National Culture Fund


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