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Different studies have shown that children ask an average of 300 questions each day. Finding the answer to another "Why?", we help their world grow.

In order to arouse the general curiosity, following the example of the children, we decided to turn the roles around by asking them a few questions, which probably each of us is thinking about.

What does the future of our city look like?
What is the place of nature & technology?
What is the role of art?
What do we do wrong and what do we do right?
What needs to change and what needs to stay the way it is?

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The children's answers were carefully listened to and sketched by the artists Boris Pramatarov, Vyara Boyadzhieva and Mila Yaneva-Tabakova and then turned into paintings, which the team of the Transformatori Association will transform into big "cards" with a big message.

POSTCARDS FROM THE FUTURE is realized with the financial support of Sofia Municipality - SP "Culture".
Thanks  to Rebrand for the support.
Thanks to the team and students of Uwekind International School.
Thanks to the Transformatori Association and Twin Pickles.
The project is implemented with the invaluable support of:
Velis Vineyards / Villa Velis by Velis Vineyards

What is the place of art in the wine world? How does a wine cellar strive for sustainable development and commit to the future?

Velis Vineyards does not stop searching and finding the answers to such questions.
Velis Vineyards is an unique Bulgarian-German wine project, born of love for wine, nature and art in all its forms. The history of Velis Vineyards begins with the reclamation of old vineyards in the Thracian lowlands in 2010. Preserving the old does not hinder their view of the future.


Today Velis Vineyards owns 36 hectares of vineyards in Bulgaria, planted with French grape varieties, from which they produce high-quality wines. Vinification takes place in our own modern cellars in Flörsheim-Dalsheim, Germany and in Villa Velis in the village of Karabunar, Bulgaria.

In addition to being home to wine, the Villa Velis wine cellar is open for art events, contemporary theater performances, exhibitions and festivals. More information about upcoming events and a collection of wines can be found on their official website. 

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