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12.10 - 22.10.2023

Opening: 12.10, 18:30

In Test Press Pop-Up event, compiled by Henk Groenendijk, you will find an intriguing combination of art and books. This years event features an impressive exhibition that gives insight in the work of Dutch artist Ruth van Beek, alongside the internationally acclaimed book as an exhibition "Uranus" and a video work "Not for Sale" by renowned Dutch designer Karel Martens, both presented along with their creative processes and a scale of published books. Visitors will also have the opportunity to purchase a unique 2024 Martens calendar.

The program includes a wide selection of diverse books from prominent independent publishers, including Roma Publications, Van Zoetendaal, Spector Books and the latest releases from critical art & design publisher Valiz. In addition to these, you will have the opportunity to purchase many other publications on topics ranging from graphic design, fashion and photography to typography, illustrated stories, academic publications and BA & MA student graduation projects and thesis. Most books are highly contemporary and contain an element of manifest and critical research.

’Dutch Identity’, a movement in portrait photography is represented by a diverse collection of photographers-publications and photo books that provide insight into its editing process.

Finally an attempt was made to include books that relate strongly to nature and environmental issues. How can we critically look at it, research it, archive it and get inspired by its richness in aspects.

Don't miss the opportunity to hear artist/photographer Ruth van Beek talk about transforming personal stories & memories into image making and work with her in a special 3-day workshop from 14-16 Oct, entitled "Moving Matters" organized by Know-How Show-How in collaboration with KO-OP and Slopi Kopi.

Additional information about the workshop & tickets can be found here.

* Test Press Books wants to thank participating publishers, students, Ruth van Beek and Karel Martens, many independent author-publishers and Inna Kochkina (lettering) for their cooperation as well as Know-How Show-How for organizing the workshop.


The event is organized with the support of the National Culture Fund.


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